Thursday, 5 June 2014

On the Move

When you are on the move you have lots of experiences, both bad and good. Who wants to change the good ones? Not me.
Bad ones, yes I would definitely like to change them.
                                                      But How?




                            Thank you    



So here it begins,

Tragedy 1: The Broken Laptop
It was fall of summer. I was heading home for vacations after semester exams. As I checked the reservation chart, my eyes filled with tears. First time in my life of twenty one years I had two female companions sitting beside me Tanu and Manu. I wiped my tears of joy and boarded the train.

Two hours later..

“Beta, what you do?” An uncle sitting beside me asked.
“Uncle engineering” I replied him.
“Technical guy, do you have laptop? Play some song” Uncle asked me.
 I stood up and took out my laptop in style, opened it. Held it with screen and as I tried sitting down. Train stopped suddenly. I lost my balance and collided with the uncle. The impact was so strong my poor laptop broke into two pieces.
“Laptop to sambhala nahi jata, kya engineer banaoge” he shouted at me rubbing his forehead.
“Bhaiya here’s your Keyboard” Tanu gave me the other half of my laptop giggling.

The change:         

  “Bhaiya here’s your Keyboard” Tanu Gave me the other half of my laptop giggling.
“Darling this is ASUS 2-In-1 Ultraportable Laptop With 10-Inch Tablet, Detachable. And No Bhaiya, I am Rahul. Naam to suna hi hoga.” I would have replied.
“Oops!! Sorry Rahul” Tanu would have replied.


Tragedy 2: The Selfie Embarrassment

Once, I too had a girlfriend. We were in a serious relationship. So serious that she was going to tell her parents about us.

It was sometime in May. I got a call from my uncle that he is in Chennai for some treatment and I have to be there next morning. I checked all the available transport but no tickets. I had no option but to travel in General Boogie.

I boarded the train. It was a boring journey, so I opened my laptop and started browsing.

“Hey Baby, my Mom and Dad came. They are on their way to Tirupati. I told them about you and they want to see your picture. I don’t have any good pictures of you and the picutes I have cant share with them. Please send me a selfie of yours. They are here for just two hours. I tried your phone but it’s switched off.” My girlfriend messaged me on a social networking site.

Only fifteen minutes left. My phone was out of battery. What now? I was confused. But as they say, There’s always a way though it’s stupid.

I took my 18’ inch , heavy laptop laptop in the bathroom of train. Somehow I managed to get myself in frame, clicked and sent.

After reaching Chennai I charged my phone. I was excited to hear from my girlfriend what her parents told.

“Hey, how did it go? What they said?” I asked her.
“Have you seen the picture which you sent me?” she asked.
“No” I replied.
“Okay, I am sending you. have a close look” She replied back.

I received a message within seconds. I opened and it was.. I don’t have words. Well I will describe a little.

In that there was a person holding laptop above his head like a banana basket, after enlarging it, in the background was some sentences written on the wall, like

“Sonai I love you”
“call me 87645***** giralas and antuyies”

The spelling was same and there were many more which I can’t write here. It looked like facebook wall of some horny chimp.

“So what did they say?” I asked my girlfriend in a hesitant voice.
“That I am dating a chimp and you are the most stupid person on this planet” she replied in anger and the call was disconnected.

And Single L

The Change:

I would have detached the screen, clicked myself sitting there and may be photoshoped it a little and sent. I would have looked good and the background would have looked good. And who knows instead of being called chimp, they would have called me JAMAI RAJA.

And later when I would have told my girlfriend how I did it?

“Wow! You are so smart, having cool gadgets. That’s why I dated you” my girlfriend would have said hugging me back.

“Son, my girl is lucky that she found you.” My Ex Father in law would have told me and hugged me.

So, that was my story without ASUS T100.

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